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Meet the sausage lady!

Born in Cumberland, the home of possibly the greatest and most well-known sausage of all, sausages were my destiny…

As a child, I was surrounded by sausages and bacon. My grandfather was a butcher and bangers and bacon were the go-to staple at home. The sweet, spicy, stickiness of a Pork banger slowly sizzled in an Aga is my childhood.

Sausages were the meal where there were no leftovers. The meal where nobody had to be told to clean their plate. Mum would cook extras knowing we’d all look up expectantly, hoping she’d ask “If anyone could manage another?” The joy of nicking a cold sausage from the fridge would only be discovered later in life...

We’d have bacon. Bloody great huge double rashers which came with the rind on. My sister and I would carefully snip the rind off to cook separately in the pan. All bacon meals came with a side order of cracklings.


I studied Agriculture, prosecuted people for selling 'bendy bananas', flirted with the Emerging Markets and HTML coding in Stockholm, PA’d in private equity.


All that time, eating but never thinking about making sausages and bacon until a chance meeting on the slopes of Valberg.


Four weeks later, having quit my job, I was back in France. Destiny was back on track…

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